Sunday, 13 November 2016

When love is not enough

With the smile on her face, her white bright teeth,her appealing dimples, her unique walking steps. Istood from afar and whispered, I was in love.
Her voice like a singing bird, her beauty like the morning ray, her speech like a heroine her hair  like  the curl of a baby, I stood from afar and whispered. I was in love.
Like a man, I walked up to her, name  she never  hesitated to tell me, her number she gladly gave  so I felt I had won the woman I admired over to me.
Each day I sent her messages every moment, I thought of her flowers I always had to give after all,I was a horticulturist so flowers,i always had to offer. My love for her was undying.
She asked me for money i told her  it  does not matter, she asked for gift  other than flower  she asked for  outings, I thought how I could cope, i loved her.
One day she  walked u p to me  she said I am a woman, no matter what  you  offer a woman, believe it or not, money plays a role. Get money, then come again and she disappeared!!!.

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