Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Giving Back To Art; Trending Like Wild Fire

Giving Back To ART

As humans we believe that giving back to the society is one of the most important things a person must do. Being successful in today’s world is essential to a lot of people. But we do believe that being successful comes with a great responsibility to provide for others.

Being successful is a goal that everyone sets out for and this can be a hard goal to reach sometimes. When most people think of giving back they think of monetary contributions and although we believe that is very important, there are many other ways we can give back to the society as we believe that being successful is something we all need to strive for but we must remember that it comes with the responsibility of giving back to people who truly need that emotional, physical and mental support to make it big in life.

This is why we have all chosen to give back to the "ART" (Music, Comedy, modelling, photography, blogging, disc jockeying, graphics etc).

We believe that ART is life. to live you have to give back to which ever part you represent.

The movement have already started in Port Harcourt and so far it has been massive, believe me you don't want to miss the fun of giving back to your ART.

For sponsorship and more enquiries you can call 08134195227.

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