Wednesday, 12 April 2017


          DOUBLE STANDARD!!!
   From one book came different stories
   From one mouth came different voices
   From one sight came different views
   From one tribe came different characters
   From one person came different  lives 
   Double standard!!!
   From the right came the left
   From the good came the bad
   From the high came the low
   From the truth came the lie
   Double standard!!!                          

  From peace came trouble
  From joy came tears 
  From love came hate 
  From healing came pain 
  From power came weakness
  Double standard!!!

   From the day came the night 
   From the school came folly 
   From judgement came injustice
   From charity came denial 
   Double standard!!!                     

  From hope came disappointment
  From fire came darkness
  From health came sickness
  From the market came hunger
  Double standard!!!

  From mercy came demands
  From kindness came slavery
  From agreement came disagreement 
  From kings came tyranny
  Double standard!!!

  From the church came deception
  From friends came rejection
  From family came a battle 
  From one world came races
  From life came death 
  Double standard!!!


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