Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Equality a misconceived concept in Feminism in Nigeria


At a bus station, "excuse me madam, adjust let me sit", she jumped down,  go inside, she said. Excuse me? I replied,  quite surprised. Then I explained "this is front seat and its the norm that the first person sits on the first seat while the last person on the last seat". For what? She queried, why will u ask me to adjust inside? Who do you think you are? "anything you be na for your papa house"  We are all equal here whether you are a man or woman. God! Embarrassed by the level of ignorance exuded by such a fine woman, I decided to board another bus.

Wanted to surprise my wife, so I left office early, went to the market to get foodstuffs. At the abattoir section of the market, "how much is the meat?",1200naira, the the meat seller replied. I brought out two piece of 1000 naira Note "oga me I no get change". Okay keep the meat aside for me let me buy other things. I left. Shortly I returned, ah this sun too much oo! Here is your money, please package the meat for me "yes oga"... What is the meaning of this? I have been standing here since, he just came and you are attending to him, is it because AM NOT A MAN?" Ah, kwo! Madam no be so, this man I don come since... " the meat seller didn't finish before she yaled " shot up that your Aboki mouth, is it because I came here to buy this your rotten meat?" Quietly in dismal I walked away

At home, pretty next semester you won't stay on campus because of the increased cultists activities in your school, I don't want you to get hurt. "daddy! What about Emeka?" I think Emeka can take care of himself, I answered "ooooooh Daddy this is not fair Oh, is it because AM NOT A BOY?... That's the reply I got from my own lovely daughter I am protecting, my God, who has done this to our world.

Hate, Anger, Rivalry, unhealthy competition in the name of equality, Fe = Male in female.
Broken homes, disunity, lack of respect, non submissiveness, just because WO = MAN in woman, in the name of feminism

Feminism, call it women liberation movement, is a series of social political campaign for reforms on issues such as reproductive right, domestic violence, maternity leave, equal pay, women’s suffrage, sexual harassment and violence. Feminism never preaches hate, bitterness, us against  than, because they can, we can. If feminism were to be us against them, why then are some men feminist?

 Feminism is a movement for the emancipation of women from "patriarchal system in other to effect equality of sexes in all strata of human existence". Equality? Yes equality. (am a girl, you are a boy, we are all humans Therefore we are equal) hell no no, totally wrong. If you are equal to me, why will God command you to submit to me (Ephesians 5 : 22), why will he make me a ruler of you (Genesis 3 :16). The ministers serving under the President of Nigeria has no equal or better authority to that of the President, but the President of Nigeria has equal authority to that of the President of United States of America, both of them are presidents and equal . Respect and honour should be given to them both irrespective of whether black or white. This is the principle of feminism. There is no clearer principle than this, a helper  is subject to the authority of the one she is helping.

Feminism is when Fuby and Smart performs equal task in a law chamber, they should be remunerated equally. Smart should not get better remuneration just because he is Smart (a boy) and Fuby less just because she is Fuby (a girl),nothing more than this feminism calls equality.
Stop the hate, no need to fight amongst us, the rivalry is not worth it. Lets save the world from this misconception.

(c) Smart fyneface 2017

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