Tuesday, 18 April 2017



Towels everywhere, Smiles of a mother even in pain
Doctors and Nurses all happy, no loss, all is gain
Friends, loved ones, relatives, all bath with powder, none  with shame
A sigh of relief from the husband, "all bills have been paid"
Oh! I'm now in this world finally, the baby burst into tears like a moving train.
     Just imagine it !

The journey not so rosy and calm
One can only relax with a psalm
Ambitions, dreams, goals, life has on its palm
To fulfill destiny, one leaves city for town
Corruption, struggles, survival of the fittest, can bring one down
     Just imagine it !!

The devil to one may be the god to another
Trust becomes rare for deceit is older
A promising baby becomes a man for others
Life tells on him without preference to his shoulder
Vanity! Tears at the grave yard for a life without Order.
      Just imagine it !!!

By Elfrida Igbikiowubo

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