Monday, 24 April 2017

Mind world (poems)

Have you ever gazed
at the night skies
Only to see your hand
Plucking the stars
And your lip buried
Deep the mouth of the moon bride?

Have you ever walked Into the Temple
With your head bow in low tempo
Only to see your soul lifted,
In the presence of Apollo
Singing with Angels, all whited?

Have you ever delved into the pool
After a nice day at the poolroom
Only to see your flipper flippin'
Along side the great Poseidon '
Deep down Mississippi dam?

Have you ever had a desert throat
After a walk in the desert path
Only to see your body feasting with Ceres
And your Spirit drunk in the vineyard of Bacchus?

Have you ever seated
Round a bump fire
Taling myths and Legend'
Only to see your feet in the midst of the crossfire?

Have you ever needed
Or missed someone
Only to find
You both with Venus and Cupid in paradise?

Have you ever been buried
Deep down your mind
In thought
And your body left
Soulless and without Spirit?

Have you ever fared
with fairy bluebird
 into your minds world
A world just for our kind
A world that limits limitation
The impalpable world of imagination?

(c) Smart Fyneface 2017

Apollo, god of Music,
Cupid and Venus, god and goddess of love ,
Ceres, god of harvest ,
Bacchus, god of wine ,
Poseidon, god of Sea ,

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