Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Rivers State University Pre-Election Polls

Presidential Candidates
One of our most important civil rights is the right to vote for individuals who will represent us at all levels in the Students Union Government.

Lexadvocatus.com in collaboration with Kon3People affords eligible voters the platform to determine the outcome of the forthcoming students Union Elections of the Rivers State University. it is im­portant to know what you, as a student, should expect on the day of election as regards the popularity of different aspirants in the university campus.

Vice Presidential Candidates

Election season is always exciting, and it tends to bring about spirited debate and discussion in the university campus. Although political affiliation has proven to be completely illegal for aspirants in the race but our monitoring team reports that students have completely emulated the campaign pattern that is being practiced outside the fourwalls of the university campus.

To vote for your favourite Aspirant kindly follow this link: CLICK HERE

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